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Egypsum group for decorations and building materials

Egypsum group is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of decorative materials and building materials in Egypt, where the products of Egypsum group are characterized by their competitive prices, quality, commitment to the time factor and transparency between the company and its valued customers. Egypsum is also distinguished by providing all the wonderful decorative designs and not only that, but Egypsum also developed the manufacturing of cornices and 3D gypsum tiles and luminous gypsum shapes for the first time in Egypt through its distinguished designers.

Egypsum manufactures gypsum decorations reinforced with fiberglass known as GRG and GRC, which gives its products high rigidity and durability as it is manufactured in silicone molds giving it the best surface and texture

GRC Technology

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete

Egypsum manufactures decorative forms of fiberglass cement to suit the exterior decorations of building facades, palaces and villas.

GRC (Glass reinforced cement) is characterized by high hardness that approximates concrete rigidity to withstand the weather factors of dust and rain and exposure to sunlight, making it the ideal choice for exterior decoration

Egypsum group is the only company that manufactures it inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, which makes us able to implement any design you want to decorate the facade of your buildings in the form and size you want, you can also choose from the available ready made forms

GRG Technology

Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Egypsum manufactures decorative forms of Glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) to suit the interiors of everything you need from cornices, medallions and 3D tiles to give the best decorative effect for your home from the inside

GRG is characterized by high hardness which makes it better than other alternatives as it is fire resistant and easy to install and because we use high-quality molds and smooth surface make our product with a very smooth surface does not need a lot of work and it can be easily painted without the need to prepare

We have many ready-made shapes for cornices, medallions and lighting forms made of GRG. We can also design any shape you want to suit your taste and your home decoration

Our products

We offer luxury and rigidity

Windows farmes

We manufacture window frames of GRC fiberglass to withstand weather conditions in the external environment as it features bright white


We have internal wall frames made of GRG to suit all tastes and to withstand shocks and collisions

3D Tiles

3D tiles made of GRG Easy to install and paint also features high rigidity unlike foam made products


For the first time in Egypt gypsum lighting forms are manufactured from GRG and we have exclusive forms


We manufacture medallions of glass reinforced gypsum in all sizes and shapes


We have a plain cornices, decorated cornices and cornices with light housing made of GRG and GRC

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